Yinneth, The Plague Dragon

Bringer Of Ruin, The Oncoming Blight, Now Silenced Forever


Yinneth, also known as “The Plague Dragon”, “The Blighted One”, “The Bringer Of Ruin”, and far more besides, was an almighty dragon with his eye set upon the world. The (im)mortal foe of Sir Astran The Bold, Yinneth brought ruin across existance, and would have conquered all existance had the champions of the Order Of The Everblazing Heart ended him once and for all over a year ago. The repercussions of his return still plague the land, and many still live in fear of the dragon. Undead beings still roam freely and cults trying to replicate Yinneth’s successes are many. Rumours abound regarding Yinneth, the most popular of which being;

  • He flew as silently as a bat, despite his massive size
  • Against the night sky, he was almost invisible
  • His one good eye glowed with unholy malice capable of sending the bravest of hearts fleeing in horror
  • He saw the fall of twelve empires across his lifetime
  • Yinneth has died more than once, but always returned to seek his bloody vengeance on those responsible – It is believed by many that he may return once more
  • He could drain the life-force out of a living creature in moments
  • Wherever he did tread, the dead rose from their graves and feasted upon the living

Yinneth, The Plague Dragon

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